Be Inspired To Cook

As Neff say:

Cooking inspires people. People inspire us.

If you want inspiration to find your love of cooking, this week we explore for some kitchen tips which will have you dawning that apron in no time.

1. A clean and organised kitchen goes a long way

Believe us when we say a clean and organised kitchen makes you want to cook! It really does. If your kitchen is a room that makes you feel irritated, then it’s time to take control over it. We cannot stand having dirty dishes in the sink and clutter all over the kitchen worktops. A kitchen is the heart of the home and should remain clutter free. Don’t hide those beautiful worktops under a pile of dirty washing! When everything is clean and organized, you should be ready to cook! Cooking is relaxing and fun when you don’t have to deal with anything, but the food at hand.


2. The right recipe

If you are not a food connoisseur, you are more than likely going to need to turn to a recipe to get your inspiration. But do your research. Often top chefs can overcomplicate the most simple of dishes by adding in a whole host of ingredients, which yes for a 5-star restaurant might be appropriate when paying £80 a head, but for a Wednesday night with the family, if a waste of time and effort. Seek out food magazines, online blogs and forums, even social media and cooking shows can lend a hand.


3. Challenge yourself

Perhaps your love of cooking has declined because you spend your nights cooking the same old dish. It is easy to get into a routine of buying and cooking the same few meals, especially if they go down a treat with your family. But mix it up from time to time. Seek out something new that you can put your stamp on and watch your love for food grow again!


4. Plan ahead

Plan your weekly meals in advance so you always have your ingredients to hand. If you come to start cooking then realise a trip to the corner shop is required this already adds negativity and time to the whole cooking experience. Carefully planned out meals should be effortless. Make a list, and shop accordingly. When you pick out the meals for the week, you could even plan on having leftovers for lunch the next day, if at all possible.


5. Practise makes perfect

The only way you can get better at cooking is to cook food daily, or as often as time allows. It’s the only way you will become a better home cook. If you love food, you can learn to fall in love with cooking it. Ease into cooking. Start with simple recipes and learn by doing. Don’t be afraid to screw something up. The more you practice the more you will begin to see some steady progress in your cooking skills. Building your confidence with your basic techniques is important and you will become more familiar with a range of ingredients.


6. Take days off from the kitchen

While we are saying ‘cook more’, ‘cook daily’, if you need a rest, take one. Let someone else deal with the stress of standing over a hot oven. You will never find the love of cooking if it is being made a chore. So if you have had ‘one of those days’, cooking is possibly not the answer. If done in the right mind frame, cooking can be both relaxing and therapeutic so don’t let your mood stop the enjoyment.


7. Enjoy your kitchen

We see this as the most important step. The first step if any. You have to love your home to love cooking. A cluttered, old or messy kitchen is not going to be an enjoyable experience. This is where Handsons Interiors come in, chat to our friendly team if you kitchen needs modernising so you can get back to enjoying it again.

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