Made To Measure Wardrobes

Handsons Interiors explore the advantages of having a custom built functional space for all of your storage needs.

When it comes to your bedroom, your space wants to be minimalistic, gentle on the eye and relaxing. It is your place of rest and relaxation, so having a functional space to shut away the clutter is the perfect solution. No matter if you are an organised person or one who is more accustom to a floor-robe than a wardrobe, made to measure wardrobes are still perfect for you.

Made To Measure Wardrobes Verses Conventional Wardrobes

A made to measure wardrobe optimises space better than your conventional shop-bought, or DIY job. Maximising the space above your wardrobe for hanging, or shelving as well as space right up to the walls gives you much more of a seamless finish but also the availability to store more of your favourite shoes or party dresses.

Made to measure wardrobes are also built to your requirements so you can decide on the size of your hanging space, the size of your shoe rack and so on. Often we cram our wardrobes so full we are unable to see what is inside or are guilty of hanging numerous items on one hanger just to fit in all in. A bespoke hanging space will solve this problem. The beauty of custom made to measure wardrobes is not that every storage space has to be the same size. Hidden behind doors you can have a mix-match of different sizes of storage solutions to meet your unique needs.

Make The Most Of Your Space

Even if you’re limited on space, it is amazing some of the storage solutions which we can offer you, which will allow your clothes to not only be hung securely without creasing up against each other but in an easier to view manner. If you don’t have a huge amount of space in your bedroom, then sliding doors are a great solution. You could also consider having mirrored doors which will make the room feel much bigger and reflect more light. The perfect fitted wardrobe solution will make your made to measure wardrobes part of the wall, so they do not stand out and seamlessly blend into the background. This can also make a room feel bigger and less cluttered – resulting in a more relaxing environment to unwind in.

If you would like to see what Handons Interiors made to measure wardrobes will look like in your home, contact us today.

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