4 types of kitchen lighting you need in 2021

The kitchen is often the heart of a home; a place where people can dine, socialise, entertain and relax.

While most kitchens must have a lot of functionality in them in order to fulfil their purpose, that doesn’t mean they can’t also be visually appealing.

One of the key things to think about in order to get the perfect balance between form and function is your lighting. Unlike other rooms in your home, the lighting in your kitchen needs to be useful, not just decorative.

Before choosing a new lamp or light for your kitchen, you need to think about the room itself, and how you want to use it.

Does your kitchen have a lot of natural light? Is it easy to see your work surfaces while you cook and clean? Do you have lots of wall and overhead space? These questions will help you pick out the right lighting for your kitchen.

Task Lighting

Aimed at providing light for specific work areas, task lighting allows you to brighten up the key areas of your kitchen, without flooding the whole room.

Places within your kitchen where you might want task lighting are your hob, sink, prep areas, and the seating spaces. Any place where you need good lighting to perform a task is where you need this kind of targeted lighting.

The kind of bulb or lamp you want to choose for this is a focused style, with a narrow beam of light or angled lamps that can give you illumination from multiple angles.

In particular, spotlights and downlights are handy for these situations, allowing you to switch on a targeted light just for those areas.

Under-cabinet lighting is also a good choice if you have a lot of worktop space and need it all illuminated.

Ambient Lighting

As well as focused lighting to specific areas and tasks, you will likely want some overall lighting to brighten the room.

This is known as ambient lighting and is a soft, diffused type of lighting and gently illuminates the room. This lighting is ideal for when you are just relaxing in your kitchen, maybe enjoying a cup of coffee with a book, rather than doing a specific task like cooking.

When choosing the right fittings for ambient lighting, look for clusters or groups of bulbs together. These help create a larger pool of light, which covers more of the room.

You should also look for lower power bulbs so the light isn’t too harsh. A dimmer switch here would be a bonus, allowing you to have reduced light for early mornings or late nights.

Ambient light should also make the most of natural lighting, so if you have a good amount of light coming from a window or skylight, try and place your bulbs away from there. This will help fill the gaps where it is darker, and spread the light around the room.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is similar to task lighting but instead of highlighting areas where you will be working or prepping, this lighting targets features or decorative touches in your kitchen.

If you have a vaulted ceiling or beams, for example, you can use accent lighting to bring those features to your visitors attention, casting shadows in some areas and brightening others.

Accent lighting also works wonders for reflective, shiny surfaces, so if you have a glossy worktop or a particularly stunning glass vase you want to show off, the right lighting can really make it glow!

Decorative Lighting

Once you have all the other types of lighting established, you can start playing around with your lights! This is where you can look at lamps and unique features to bring your kitchen to life.

For dining areas, you may want to look at getting a feature lamp to stand in the middle of your table or kitchen island. An elegant and decorative lampshade can double as a lighting source and a focal feature for your dinner parties.

Or perhaps you want to add some colour via your lighting with coloured bulbs such as red or orange which could contrast well against a cream or white kitchen layout.

You can also look at using unique lighting fixtures to bring some personality to your kitchen. For example, industrial style kitchens with exposed brickwork and natural wood finishes look amazing when paired with bare bulbs suspended from chains or copper pipes. Let your imagination run wild!

For help choosing the right lighting for your kitchen, speak to the experts at Hansons Interiors.

The 2019 trend is open plan kitchens. Whether this is integrating your kitchen and dining area into one clean and airy space or opening your living room into your kitchen area too.

Create space which eliminates barriers

If you are short on space in your kitchen, or just like the idea of making your kitchen the large centre and gathering point of your home. You can opt for creating an open plan kitchen space. The open plan kitchen concept is a popular trend of 2019 and is the perfect solution for your storage needs. Opening up an area gives you the opportunity to design something out of the norm. Creating space for a kitchen island or even those dreamy curved designed workspaces.

The best way to make the open plan kitchen concept work is to add to the space, don’t keep all your kitchen cabinets flush to the wall. You have the room to bring them out and make the most of quirky storage ideas which are built to your requirements. There is nothing worse than not being able to store all your pots and pans out of sight, but with an open-plan space, this is no longer an issue.

Keeping your kitchen space clean and clutter-free will make your open plan kitchen work.

You don’t want to be sitting in your living space, relaxing in front of the fire and seeing clutter all over your worktops. This reason is why many opt for keeping these two spaces separate, but why would you? If you can stay on top of the mess.  It is vital that you do not make the counter space your drop off spot as this just adds to the clutter, so include clever storage systems, shelving or racking spaces to ensure everything has its own home – out of sight, out of mind.

An open plan living and kitchen space can create a more functional home life. Instead of shutting yourself away in a kitchen, your whole family can experience meal times and meal prep together, whether they are directly involved or not, it is the perfect place for some family bonding. In addition, it is the optimum space for entertaining, who wants to try cram 12 people round a dining table fit for 8 on Christmas day? This will no longer be an issue with your extending living and kitchen space. This home improvement will certainly make you more social.


So if you’re considering opening up your home or need help redesigning your home due to a small kitchen. Speak to Handsons Interiors who can arrange a full project management service. All works carried out including any building and utilities, all with the added peace of mind of Handsons guarantees of quality.



There is nothing worse than having your heart set on your dream kitchen, but being stuck by the choice of colour.

handsons interiors - fusion kitchen


Many modern kitchens now come in their own colours. So gone are the days of wood fronted cabinets, now there is a whole range of different finishes and colours to choose from.

So how do you decide on the perfect colour scheme for your kitchen?

Go with your taste


The first place to start is by selecting colour swatches that you love. The kitchen is the heart of the home and in many households is the place where you spend the most time. So you need to make sure your colour scheme is your preference, not just because it is hot right now. 2018-2019 is a big trend for grey, but it won’t be around forever. Just because your new fitted kitchens is a 2018-2019 kitchen, it doesn’t mean you have to select grey as your only colour.

Begin with your cabinets

Always choose your cabinet colour before your paint, backsplashes and accessories. Those are far easier change and they are also often the areas where you can use your imagination with. Cabinets are going to have to last, for a while at least and perhaps you will be selling your home before replacing the kitchen again? So think about the colour which will age the best and have the most resale appeal. Usually sticking to neutral tones of a pale grey, white or cream works well and can cater to nearly all tastes and other colour palettes.

Handsons Interiors has an ever-growing range of different colours, finishes and textures to make sure you can pick your perfect match.

Keep Countertops Neutral


Worktops or counters are often the first things people see when they walk into your kitchen. They are the biggest area of space (providing they are not cluttered) so they don’t want to be too overpowering. Black worktops can look very nice in a monochrome kitchen, but be aware of the watermarks and dirt which black as a colour can leave behind. On the flip side, try not to match your worktops, contrast is great, so don’t go white on white. Counters or worktops are usually pretty expensive and you want them to last so think about the long term appeal of the colour and one which will continue to work with other shade should you update your decor later down the line.

Go wild with accessories and splashbacks

This is the place where you can let your personality run wild. Paint colors in bright choices can make you smile every time you walk into the room, while your backsplash can be as unique and creative as you are. Also, consider the benefit of an accent wall, which will allow you to use a favorite paint color without it taking over the entire room.


Decorating your kitchen can change your entire view of your house. W


hether you’re considering a full renovation or just freshening up the paint, adding a fresh splash of color will improve your home and add to its appeal.

Masterclass was established in 1975. They started out by making furniture for family and friends using old, second-hand equipment. Over the years Masterclass has grown to a 70,000 sq ft factory with over 200 dedicated staff.

The Masterclass brand encompasses everything British, it has a strong heritage and oozes with quality and sophistication. You’re not just buying a kitchen when you buy a Masterclass kitchen. You’re becoming part of the heritage, part of the story, part of the quality and part of the brand. All Masterclass Kitchens are backed up with a service and 10-year warranty.

Becoming a Masterclass retailer is a real achievement. Masterclass Kitchens have appeared in Grand Designs, House Beautiful, The Guardian, Country Living, Ideal Home and more.

Handsons Interiors are the sole Masterclass retailer in Lincolnshire, so you don’t have to travel far to enjoy your own Masterclass kitchen. Speak to the expert team at Handsons Interiors today, each Masterclass Kitchen is individually made, so all we need to do is listen to your desires and dreams and replicate it in your own home.

handsons interiors fitted kitchen  handsons interiors bespoke kitchen

Handsons Interiors explore the advantages of having a custom built functional space for all of your storage needs.

When it comes to your bedroom, your space wants to be minimalistic, gentle on the eye and relaxing. It is your place of rest and relaxation, so having a functional space to shut away the clutter is the perfect solution. No matter if you are an organised person or one who is more accustom to a floor-robe than a wardrobe, made to measure wardrobes are still perfect for you.

Made To Measure Wardrobes Verses Conventional Wardrobes

A made to measure wardrobe optimises space better than your conventional shop-bought, or DIY job. Maximising the space above your wardrobe for hanging, or shelving as well as space right up to the walls gives you much more of a seamless finish but also the availability to store more of your favourite shoes or party dresses.

Made to measure wardrobes are also built to your requirements so you can decide on the size of your hanging space, the size of your shoe rack and so on. Often we cram our wardrobes so full we are unable to see what is inside or are guilty of hanging numerous items on one hanger just to fit in all in. A bespoke hanging space will solve this problem. The beauty of custom made to measure wardrobes is not that every storage space has to be the same size. Hidden behind doors you can have a mix-match of different sizes of storage solutions to meet your unique needs.

Make The Most Of Your Space

Even if you’re limited on space, it is amazing some of the storage solutions which we can offer you, which will allow your clothes to not only be hung securely without creasing up against each other but in an easier to view manner. If you don’t have a huge amount of space in your bedroom, then sliding doors are a great solution. You could also consider having mirrored doors which will make the room feel much bigger and reflect more light. The perfect fitted wardrobe solution will make your made to measure wardrobes part of the wall, so they do not stand out and seamlessly blend into the background. This can also make a room feel bigger and less cluttered – resulting in a more relaxing environment to unwind in.

If you would like to see what Handons Interiors made to measure wardrobes will look like in your home, contact us today.

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