Open plan kitchen concepts

The 2019 trend is open plan kitchens. Whether this is integrating your kitchen and dining area into one clean and airy space or opening your living room into your kitchen area too.

Create space which eliminates barriers

If you are short on space in your kitchen, or just like the idea of making your kitchen the large centre and gathering point of your home. You can opt for creating an open plan kitchen space. The open plan kitchen concept is a popular trend of 2019 and is the perfect solution for your storage needs. Opening up an area gives you the opportunity to design something out of the norm. Creating space for a kitchen island or even those dreamy curved designed workspaces.

The best way to make the open plan kitchen concept work is to add to the space, don’t keep all your kitchen cabinets flush to the wall. You have the room to bring them out and make the most of quirky storage ideas which are built to your requirements. There is nothing worse than not being able to store all your pots and pans out of sight, but with an open-plan space, this is no longer an issue.

Keeping your kitchen space clean and clutter-free will make your open plan kitchen work.

You don’t want to be sitting in your living space, relaxing in front of the fire and seeing clutter all over your worktops. This reason is why many opt for keeping these two spaces separate, but why would you? If you can stay on top of the mess.  It is vital that you do not make the counter space your drop off spot as this just adds to the clutter, so include clever storage systems, shelving or racking spaces to ensure everything has its own home – out of sight, out of mind.

An open plan living and kitchen space can create a more functional home life. Instead of shutting yourself away in a kitchen, your whole family can experience meal times and meal prep together, whether they are directly involved or not, it is the perfect place for some family bonding. In addition, it is the optimum space for entertaining, who wants to try cram 12 people round a dining table fit for 8 on Christmas day? This will no longer be an issue with your extending living and kitchen space. This home improvement will certainly make you more social.


So if you’re considering opening up your home or need help redesigning your home due to a small kitchen. Speak to Handsons Interiors who can arrange a full project management service. All works carried out including any building and utilities, all with the added peace of mind of Handsons guarantees of quality.



There is nothing worse than having your heart set on your dream kitchen, but being stuck by the choice of colour.

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Many modern kitchens now come in their own colours. So gone are the days of wood fronted cabinets, now there is a whole range of different finishes and colours to choose from.

So how do you decide on the perfect colour scheme for your kitchen?

Go with your taste


The first place to start is by selecting colour swatches that you love. The kitchen is the heart of the home and in many households is the place where you spend the most time. So you need to make sure your colour scheme is your preference, not just because it is hot right now. 2018-2019 is a big trend for grey, but it won’t be around forever. Just because your new fitted kitchens is a 2018-2019 kitchen, it doesn’t mean you have to select grey as your only colour.

Begin with your cabinets

Always choose your cabinet colour before your paint, backsplashes and accessories. Those are far easier change and they are also often the areas where you can use your imagination with. Cabinets are going to have to last, for a while at least and perhaps you will be selling your home before replacing the kitchen again? So think about the colour which will age the best and have the most resale appeal. Usually sticking to neutral tones of a pale grey, white or cream works well and can cater to nearly all tastes and other colour palettes.

Handsons Interiors has an ever-growing range of different colours, finishes and textures to make sure you can pick your perfect match.

Keep Countertops Neutral


Worktops or counters are often the first things people see when they walk into your kitchen. They are the biggest area of space (providing they are not cluttered) so they don’t want to be too overpowering. Black worktops can look very nice in a monochrome kitchen, but be aware of the watermarks and dirt which black as a colour can leave behind. On the flip side, try not to match your worktops, contrast is great, so don’t go white on white. Counters or worktops are usually pretty expensive and you want them to last so think about the long term appeal of the colour and one which will continue to work with other shade should you update your decor later down the line.

Go wild with accessories and splashbacks

This is the place where you can let your personality run wild. Paint colors in bright choices can make you smile every time you walk into the room, while your backsplash can be as unique and creative as you are. Also, consider the benefit of an accent wall, which will allow you to use a favorite paint color without it taking over the entire room.


Decorating your kitchen can change your entire view of your house. W


hether you’re considering a full renovation or just freshening up the paint, adding a fresh splash of color will improve your home and add to its appeal.

It might only be August, but many people are already muttering that dreaded C-word.

Christmas is actually in full swing from the 20-week countdown, which falls at the start of August! That means many workplaces have already started organising their Christmas parties, friends are organising their get-togethers and restaurants are filling up their seats.

Christmas is always a frantic time, especially if you’re the one left doing the cooking – so be sure to be organised this year.

Organise Your Fridge

If you’re going to be cooking up a storm this Christmas you need to accommodate the big Christmas shop. If your fridge is naturally well-stock throughout the year, you might be left wondering where all the additional Christmas dishes might go. But fear not, a bit of clever organisation will help with this. Be sure to be utilising the space correctly, so if you have a built-in egg rack for example. Make sure you use it, egg boxes on shelves can be a waste of space. Stand sauces in the doors to free up space too and those wasted foods which always appear at the back of your fridge – get rid early.

Have A Mess-Free Party

Recycling is key any time of the year, but make the most of it at Christmas. Make sure with any festive gathering you sort out the recycling by integrating aesthetically-pleasing bins into your kitchen decor. This might be on the inside of cupboard doors, or just invest in some interior recycling boxes which don’t look out of place.


It’s all about ease when entertaining – you need to make sure you and your guests are relaxed. Getting creative with your seating arrangements can be a real help when entertaining, as letting tired feet rest will mean no complaints and more drinks!

A great way to incorporate seating into your kitchen is around your island or an extended breakfast bar. Can you move a sideboard out of the way and free up some extra space or perhaps moving your dining table onto an angle will make for a more pleasing layout?

Create An Inviting Atmosphere

Whether you’re throwing a small, intimate dinner party or a glamourous Christmas get-together with all your friends and family, make sure you choose the right lighting as it can dictate the mood of any room – your kitchen is no exception.

For your dining space you’ll want an overhead light to gently illuminate the room whilst you dine. For festive party soirée, make sure you dim to lights and use candles, tealights or fairy lights to create a festive ambience.



And be sure to have a great Christmas!

Masterclass was established in 1975. They started out by making furniture for family and friends using old, second-hand equipment. Over the years Masterclass has grown to a 70,000 sq ft factory with over 200 dedicated staff.

The Masterclass brand encompasses everything British, it has a strong heritage and oozes with quality and sophistication. You’re not just buying a kitchen when you buy a Masterclass kitchen. You’re becoming part of the heritage, part of the story, part of the quality and part of the brand. All Masterclass Kitchens are backed up with a service and 10-year warranty.

Becoming a Masterclass retailer is a real achievement. Masterclass Kitchens have appeared in Grand Designs, House Beautiful, The Guardian, Country Living, Ideal Home and more.

Handsons Interiors are the sole Masterclass retailer in Lincolnshire, so you don’t have to travel far to enjoy your own Masterclass kitchen. Speak to the expert team at Handsons Interiors today, each Masterclass Kitchen is individually made, so all we need to do is listen to your desires and dreams and replicate it in your own home.

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As Neff say:

Cooking inspires people. People inspire us.

If you want inspiration to find your love of cooking, this week we explore for some kitchen tips which will have you dawning that apron in no time.

1. A clean and organised kitchen goes a long way

Believe us when we say a clean and organised kitchen makes you want to cook! It really does. If your kitchen is a room that makes you feel irritated, then it’s time to take control over it. We cannot stand having dirty dishes in the sink and clutter all over the kitchen worktops. A kitchen is the heart of the home and should remain clutter free. Don’t hide those beautiful worktops under a pile of dirty washing! When everything is clean and organized, you should be ready to cook! Cooking is relaxing and fun when you don’t have to deal with anything, but the food at hand.


2. The right recipe

If you are not a food connoisseur, you are more than likely going to need to turn to a recipe to get your inspiration. But do your research. Often top chefs can overcomplicate the most simple of dishes by adding in a whole host of ingredients, which yes for a 5-star restaurant might be appropriate when paying £80 a head, but for a Wednesday night with the family, if a waste of time and effort. Seek out food magazines, online blogs and forums, even social media and cooking shows can lend a hand.


3. Challenge yourself

Perhaps your love of cooking has declined because you spend your nights cooking the same old dish. It is easy to get into a routine of buying and cooking the same few meals, especially if they go down a treat with your family. But mix it up from time to time. Seek out something new that you can put your stamp on and watch your love for food grow again!


4. Plan ahead

Plan your weekly meals in advance so you always have your ingredients to hand. If you come to start cooking then realise a trip to the corner shop is required this already adds negativity and time to the whole cooking experience. Carefully planned out meals should be effortless. Make a list, and shop accordingly. When you pick out the meals for the week, you could even plan on having leftovers for lunch the next day, if at all possible.


5. Practise makes perfect

The only way you can get better at cooking is to cook food daily, or as often as time allows. It’s the only way you will become a better home cook. If you love food, you can learn to fall in love with cooking it. Ease into cooking. Start with simple recipes and learn by doing. Don’t be afraid to screw something up. The more you practice the more you will begin to see some steady progress in your cooking skills. Building your confidence with your basic techniques is important and you will become more familiar with a range of ingredients.


6. Take days off from the kitchen

While we are saying ‘cook more’, ‘cook daily’, if you need a rest, take one. Let someone else deal with the stress of standing over a hot oven. You will never find the love of cooking if it is being made a chore. So if you have had ‘one of those days’, cooking is possibly not the answer. If done in the right mind frame, cooking can be both relaxing and therapeutic so don’t let your mood stop the enjoyment.


7. Enjoy your kitchen

We see this as the most important step. The first step if any. You have to love your home to love cooking. A cluttered, old or messy kitchen is not going to be an enjoyable experience. This is where Handsons Interiors come in, chat to our friendly team if you kitchen needs modernising so you can get back to enjoying it again.

As Brits we to be outside the in the summer. It is all about evening drinks in the dwindling summer sun, barbecues and lazy afternoons. But we also know our summer is never guaranteed and often we are hiding barbecues under umbrellas. So when the weather is this unpredictable, bring your summer indoors with these great summer vibes kitchen ideas.

Creating a summer vibe in the kitchen is a great way of maximising your enjoyment of the great indoors throughout the year. Even when things take a turn for the worse outdoors, there’s nothing to stop you making the most of the season…any season.

Try these super easy tips to maximise your summer:

Enhance Natural Light

If there’s a way of enhancing the natural light in your kitchen, it’s something you should be doing. The clever placement of mirrors, glass and shiny surfaces often make all the difference. Choosing reflective kitchen units such as high gloss can help to reflect light around the kitchen, giving the appearance of space.

It is also worth considering what is covering your windows, Venetian blinds are a great way of letting in light and can also help create an airy feel.

Floor Coverings

You might also want to consider the effect your kitchen’s floor covering is having on the room’s vibe. There are certain floors that naturally bring a welcoming and upscale vibe to the modern kitchen – lighter-coloured stone floors, colourful tiles, marble slabs and so on. Even switching to a brighter and fresher laminate floor covering could do the trick at a fraction of the price. If you can use the same colours and textures inside and out this really helps to bring that outside feeling indoors. Natural stone materials are a great choice.

Use Lighting

If you’re looking to link the kitchen with the outside space, do make sure that you consider how the lighting flows through both areas. Consider your garden or patio space to be an extension of your kitchen and light as a specific zone. Clever use of outside uplighters or garden lighting spikes mixed with low level or under unit lighting inside can make the kitchen and garden appear to merge into one glorious space.

Plants and Greenery

Last but not least, nothing brings the beauty and freshness of the outdoors indoors quite like a liberal spread of plants and greenery. Particularly during the summer months, a vibrant array of plants and flowers around the kitchen can transform the vibe and ambience of the entire room.

Why not set yourself up with a few window boxes and grow your own herbs? A great way of filling your kitchen with the fresh fragrances of summer throughout the year.

For more great tips and kitchen inspo, speak to Handsons Interiors.


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