Finding the right colour scheme for your kitchen

There is nothing worse than having your heart set on your dream kitchen, but being stuck by the choice of colour.

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Many modern kitchens now come in their own colours. So gone are the days of wood fronted cabinets, now there is a whole range of different finishes and colours to choose from.

So how do you decide on the perfect colour scheme for your kitchen?

Go with your taste


The first place to start is by selecting colour swatches that you love. The kitchen is the heart of the home and in many households is the place where you spend the most time. So you need to make sure your colour scheme is your preference, not just because it is hot right now. 2018-2019 is a big trend for grey, but it won’t be around forever. Just because your new fitted kitchens is a 2018-2019 kitchen, it doesn’t mean you have to select grey as your only colour.

Begin with your cabinets

Always choose your cabinet colour before your paint, backsplashes and accessories. Those are far easier change and they are also often the areas where you can use your imagination with. Cabinets are going to have to last, for a while at least and perhaps you will be selling your home before replacing the kitchen again? So think about the colour which will age the best and have the most resale appeal. Usually sticking to neutral tones of a pale grey, white or cream works well and can cater to nearly all tastes and other colour palettes.

Handsons Interiors has an ever-growing range of different colours, finishes and textures to make sure you can pick your perfect match.

Keep Countertops Neutral


Worktops or counters are often the first things people see when they walk into your kitchen. They are the biggest area of space (providing they are not cluttered) so they don’t want to be too overpowering. Black worktops can look very nice in a monochrome kitchen, but be aware of the watermarks and dirt which black as a colour can leave behind. On the flip side, try not to match your worktops, contrast is great, so don’t go white on white. Counters or worktops are usually pretty expensive and you want them to last so think about the long term appeal of the colour and one which will continue to work with other shade should you update your decor later down the line.

Go wild with accessories and splashbacks

This is the place where you can let your personality run wild. Paint colors in bright choices can make you smile every time you walk into the room, while your backsplash can be as unique and creative as you are. Also, consider the benefit of an accent wall, which will allow you to use a favorite paint color without it taking over the entire room.


Decorating your kitchen can change your entire view of your house. W


hether you’re considering a full renovation or just freshening up the paint, adding a fresh splash of color will improve your home and add to its appeal.

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