Optimising your kitchen storage

The key to a great looking kitchen has to be storage. Regardless of style or design, if your storage solutions aren’t working for you, your kitchen can look messy and cluttered. The age of the minimalist look is definitely here, so we took the time to explore the different options when it comes to getting your kitchen looking great and being organised!

DIY storage

If a new kitchen isn’t within the budget right now there are plenty of quick and easy options you can implement without breaking the bank. Pinterest is always a great source of inspiration when looking for organisation tips and clever hacks.

Plate Organisation

You can pick up a simple tiered plate rack from most supermarkets and homeware stores. This just help organise your dinner service and reduce the amount of space it takes up in your cupboard.

Under sink organisation

We’ve all been guilty of it at some point. In fact, many of us still harbour a messy, cluttered under-sink cupboard. Packed full of cleaning materials, bin bags and washing powder and a whole host of other unmentionables. The power of the basket – If you’ve been witness to the phenomenon of Marie Kondo, you’ll know that the queen of organisation loves using baskets to compartmentalise belongings to keep them in order.

Make use of cupboard doors

Believe it or not, there’s many a missed opportunity to utilise kitchen doors for storage. A simple rod across the inside of the door can act as a great holder for pan lids or spray bottles.

Built-in storage

Built-in storage is quite simply the easiest and most effective way to solve your storage woes. Modern kitchens have the most amazing solutions when it comes to keeping your kitchen organised.
From the smallest of additions like a fitted cutlery drawer with dividers to a purpose-built pantry, there are so many innovative space saving and organisational storage solutions available.
If you are thinking of remodelling your kitchen, why not speak to Handsons about our amazing space saving, organisational design features.

Utility Rooms

The ultimate in storage is the utility room. It allows your kitchen to be just that, a kitchen. All the washing facilities, cleaning materials and even boots and coats can be stored away, freeing up space in your kitchen for your food and utensils.

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