Organise your kitchen this Christmas!

It might only be August, but many people are already muttering that dreaded C-word.

Christmas is actually in full swing from the 20-week countdown, which falls at the start of August! That means many workplaces have already started organising their Christmas parties, friends are organising their get-togethers and restaurants are filling up their seats.

Christmas is always a frantic time, especially if you’re the one left doing the cooking – so be sure to be organised this year.

Organise Your Fridge

If you’re going to be cooking up a storm this Christmas you need to accommodate the big Christmas shop. If your fridge is naturally well-stock throughout the year, you might be left wondering where all the additional Christmas dishes might go. But fear not, a bit of clever organisation will help with this. Be sure to be utilising the space correctly, so if you have a built-in egg rack for example. Make sure you use it, egg boxes on shelves can be a waste of space. Stand sauces in the doors to free up space too and those wasted foods which always appear at the back of your fridge – get rid early.

Have A Mess-Free Party

Recycling is key any time of the year, but make the most of it at Christmas. Make sure with any festive gathering you sort out the recycling by integrating aesthetically-pleasing bins into your kitchen decor. This might be on the inside of cupboard doors, or just invest in some interior recycling boxes which don’t look out of place.


It’s all about ease when entertaining – you need to make sure you and your guests are relaxed. Getting creative with your seating arrangements can be a real help when entertaining, as letting tired feet rest will mean no complaints and more drinks!

A great way to incorporate seating into your kitchen is around your island or an extended breakfast bar. Can you move a sideboard out of the way and free up some extra space or perhaps moving your dining table onto an angle will make for a more pleasing layout?

Create An Inviting Atmosphere

Whether you’re throwing a small, intimate dinner party or a glamourous Christmas get-together with all your friends and family, make sure you choose the right lighting as it can dictate the mood of any room – your kitchen is no exception.

For your dining space you’ll want an overhead light to gently illuminate the room whilst you dine. For festive party soirée, make sure you dim to lights and use candles, tealights or fairy lights to create a festive ambience.



And be sure to have a great Christmas!

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